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Why JNY Safety Alert over other systems?

The big advantage is that it will work anywhere where there is mobile phone coverage and the person can talk directly into the pendant. This means they can be in communication at all times and not restricted to the home.

Even if you are unable to talk, the unit will send out 3 location texts to your contacts letting them know you are in trouble or have fallen and your location.


Do I need a Land line?



Is it Waterproof?

Yes and it can be worn in the shower. The FDC Pendant is built to wear while showering but is not submersible. If you do decide to take it into the shower, we recommend you place it into a zip-lock bag and hang it on a hook or place it onto a low ledge above drain level where you can easily get to it.


Do I have a Guarantee?

You have a 12 month guarantee. If the unit is faulty (subject to no misuse) then it will be replaced with a new unit. You have a 14 day money back guarantee. (minus setup and postage $50.00)


Can I take it with me if I move or go on holidays?

Yes, as with a mobile phone it doesn't matter where you are. It will always send back your location no matter where you are.


Can I have 000?

Yes.  We suggest you put 2 mobile numbers first. If you have 3 contacts even better as all 3 will know your location.

000 cannot get a GPS location. There will be times you don't need an ambulance so when it rings your 1st contact you can ask them to come over and help if it's minor. If you need an ambulance then just tell your contact when it calls him. He can then hangup and call 000 and send to you as he knows your location.



Its a unique system that picks up the thump if you pass out or fall. It beeps for 15 seconds in the case of a false alarm which allows it to be stopped. If not stopped it will send out distress texts to contacts.


Can they be set off accidentally?

NO... for an alert to be sent out the SOS button needs to be pressed for 2 seconds until it vibrates.


Can I use it in the case of intruders or fire?

Yes. As soon as your contact answers just tell them the situation and they can dial 000 for you.


Will the JNY Safety Alert work outside of Australia?

Yes. They are quad-band, compatible in all countries worldwide. You also need your service provider to turn on international roaming.


How often should the JNY Safety Alert be charged?

Every couple of days should be fine. We suggest you wait until your contact 1 gets the "battery low" text. This will give you an indication of how long it can go in your location. This is also a safety feature in case you forget to charge.


How do I change phone numbers?  FDC Model

Text A1, new number to the unit to change contact 1   It will send a text ‘’contact 1 ok.’’

Text A2, new number to the unit to change contact 2   It will send a text ‘’contact 2 ok.’’

Text A3, new number to the unit to change contact 3   It will send a text ‘’contact 3 ok.’’

Then text STATUS and it will send back the 3 numbers stored in it.


What if a person goes missing?

With the FDC you text LOC to it as a text and it will send back location. Great if you have a loved one that walks a lot or uses a gopher.


What's the advantage of GPS?

A person upon pushing the button not only talks to contacts but the Alert is also sending the location via a google map text to 3 contacts. Its simply a matter of opening it and opening the URL to gain location to 10 metres.


If your using mobile phone technology then why no ongoing costs?

We use Amaysim (Optus Network) and activate a SIM in the clients name.

It works on POSTPAID which means you only pay if you press the button (approx 50 cents to notify 3 people of your location and talk to contact 1)

If you pushed it once a year then that's your total cost... No money upfront and no monthly fee.

Should you live in a remote area we recommend a  Aldi Telstra SIM.

We recommend that you test the Alert once a month,with Amaysim this will cost you approximately $6 per year.

With Aldi Telstra you must put $15.00 in every year.


Does the Alert comply to Australian Standards?

This product has passed all the relevant Australian Standards including AS/NZS 60950-.1:2011+A1,  AS/NZS CISPR 22:2009+A1, AS/CA S042.4:2015, AS/ACIF S042.4:2015, AS/NZS 2772.1 SAR. A full set of test reports and compliance documentation is kept by JNY Safety Care.


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