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 JNY Safety Alert FDC

             3G version

Be protected anywhere

No monitoring fees

No landline required

Fall Detector





The FDC (Fall Detector) is lightweight and comfortable to wear with a lanyard or your favourite chain.


The unit boasts a fully automatic man-down alarm system.  If a fall is detected, then texts go out to your three emergency contacts after 10 seconds of beeping. Should it be a false alarm it's just a matter of pushing the SOS button to cancel it during the beeping.  Nine sensitivity settings for the fall detector allow your unit to be fully customized.


Pressing the SOS button also alerts your contacts and it will also dial on to number one contact so you can talk to them through the pendant.


The pendant can be called directly at anytime, rings loudly twice and with auto answering the wearer will hear your voice and talk back to you.


Should someone go missing you just need to text LOC to it and receive their location.


Waterproof to IP66 standard thus making it safe to shower. Cradle for simple recharging.



• Automatically answers calls in speakerphone mode


  Volume control.. for hearing impaired


• Program up to 3 emergency numbers


• 2-way voice communication plus location sent out.


• Call 1 preset number directly


• Detect Falls - 9 sensitivity settings


• Water resistant - IP66

Available in Pink, Green, Black or Blue.


61mm (2.4'') x 44mm (1.7'') x 16mm (.63'')    35 grams

Pendant comes with lanyard, charging cradle and cord. It is fully programmed and set up ready to wear.

NO base station unit is required.



All setup ready to use.



  1.  Click on Buy Now button to purchase using PayPal

or Visa / Mastercard


            2.  Then fill out Setup Form on Menu and hit Submit

Your Pendant will then be programed with all your information

 and sent to you all ready to wear.

All numbers apart from 000, MUST be mobile numbers as landlines can't receive GPS information.

Should you require 000 we suggest you make it number 3

In an Emergency you can tell no.1 contact if ambulance is required. They are calmer and can tell 000 your location and if you have keys hidden. Should no.1 and 2 not take the call then 000 is a backup. It is always wise to have no.1 and 2 as reliable people to answer the call.

JNY Safety Alert

At the push of the SOS button 3 people are notified instantly by text of the location and it dials number 1 contact so you are speaking with them... not a recorded message.


You may wish number 1 to be 000

14 Day Money Back


Set Up includes.


Registration and SIM card activation.


Amaysim (Optus) Sim provided free (recommended)


Deactivation of voicemail.


Program up to 3 emergency contacts.


Testing and follow up instructions.



The Fall Detector can notify your emergency contacts in the event that you pass out.

This can be turned on or off. If you are not subject to passing out then we suggest you leave it off as most falls just require someone to assist in getting back up, hence the SOS button is pushed and this will enable the unit to dial out.

The fall detector does not dial out as you are unconscious and unable to talk.

Watch video above to see how the FDC  Alert works and its features.



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